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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Dec 20, 2019

Roy Samuelson, Audio Description advocate, and the voice of a many Audio Described movies and TV shows, returns once again to talk about the Audio Description boom as of late and answers the questions from our listeners.

You can find Roy Samuelson on the web at

On twitter @RoySamuelson

and check out the Facebook Group Audio Description Discussion.

Roy is always interested in hearing from listeners and connecting with the community.

The TBTS crew go over some of their most used apps of 2019 and wrap it up with some observance of the iOS 13.3 short comings. 


Surely we jest about the Big Bird on the show and we assure you that no animals were harmed or mis-used during the creation of this podcast. We highly suggest you check with Chuckie about those mysterious Yellow feathers tucked in his cap. 


Thank you for listening.
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