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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Interactions with the Blind-Do’s and Do Not’s – Blog Post by Kelsi Hansen

Mar 8, 2019

Someone suggested to me that I dedicate one of my blog posts to interactions with blind individuals. Initially, I thought that there was enough material about this issue already out there, and that this was an old topic. But recently I have been working as a counselor at a camp for blind youth, and it has come to...

Tips and Tricks From a Blind Perspective - By Kelsi Hansen

Jan 29, 2019

My last Tips and Tricks blog seemed to go over very well. I received a few emails from other blind individuals sharing their own helpful pointers. So, today I would like to share tips I received from readers, as well as a few more of my own. 

Let’s start in the kitchen again. One reader sent me a few different tricks...

Jan 25, 2019

Show Summary:

Jim Justesen from Eye-Link North Dakota sits down with Aimee Volk, Vision and Independent Living Services Administrator for the Department of Vocational rehabilitation of North Dakota, and talk about the partnership that is bringing results to the older blind of North Dakota.

We had Jim in the Blind...

Jan 4, 2019

I wanted to bring up this audio from a couple years back that Jo Fishwick submitted to a conversation the Blind Abilities Channel on Audio Boom was having. Now, we have moved on to yet, I went back to the channel in hopes to find Jo’s conversation on the topic of Braille. Jo talks about how she got...

Running to Thanksgiving by Kelsi Hansen

Nov 22, 2018

Running to Thanksgiving

by Kelsi Hansen

Thanksgiving? It’s already Thanksgiving? I can’t believe it! The years fly by, don’t they? Normally my family has a small Turkey Day, planned at the last second, and we all stuff as much food as we can into our gullets. Nothing too unusual, just the normal Thanksgiving....