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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Nov 30, 2018

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ROY SAMUELSON is one of Hollywood’s leading voiceover talents in film and television. Currently Roy is leading the way in the area of DESCRIPTIVE NARRATION / AUDIO DESCRIPTION, an aspect of television and filmmaking that allows Blind/Visually Impaired viewers to get audio description...

Nov 28, 2018

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Daniel Berlin joins Jeff in the Blind Abilities Studio to talk about phase 5 of his Team See Possibilities 7 continents in 7 years goal. New Zealand is the next target for Team See Possibilities.


Last year it was China and the Great Wall, another was climbing Kilimanjaro, and as you can...

Nov 26, 2018

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Please welcome Teen correspondent, Simon Bonenfant, as he steps into the interviewer role for Blind Abilities. While attending and presenting at the Pennsylvania NFB convention, Simon pulled out his recorder and went to work. Conducting 5 interviews from vendors and presenters. In this first interview,...

Running to Thanksgiving by Kelsi Hansen

Nov 22, 2018

Running to Thanksgiving

by Kelsi Hansen

Thanksgiving? It’s already Thanksgiving? I can’t believe it! The years fly by, don’t they? Normally my family has a small Turkey Day, planned at the last second, and we all stuff as much food as we can into our gullets. Nothing too unusual, just the normal Thanksgiving....

Nov 22, 2018

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With the holidays upon us the deals and bargains are taunting our wallets and curiosities.

Do you look for others or just shop for yourself?

I make a list of items I am interested in and approach Black Friday from that perspective. Otherwise I am overwhelmed and miss out because there is...