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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Mar 22, 2015

Join Pete Lane as he conducts an in depth interview with Rebecca REid of the World Services For The Blind (WSB). WSB is a nonprofit school in Little Rock, Arkansas, in the US which provides comprehensive training to blind and visually impaired adults in various job skills. WSB has nine programs of training, including...

Mar 14, 2015

Pete and Jeff go over some new developments with Blind Abilities. It's on the web at on iTunes as Blind Abilities Channel and the new Blind Abilities Podcasts at Blind Abilities also on iTunes. You can follow using iTunes, your Podcatcher of choise, on the web at our...

Mar 11, 2015

pete and Jeff sit down with @HappyKaz , @RockShopDJ , and @TheBlindMan12V for a bit of chat on canes, our hobbies and some apps we use.