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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Dec 12, 2022

Our guest today is Dave Epstein, founder of AwareWolf Gear, the home of the All-Terrain Cane. Dave shares the origin of the ATC including all of the steps he took to create the cane, from borrowing tools and pieces from the local hiking store, to adding parts from other traditional canes, through developing three completed prototypes, finally landing on the final version of the All-Terrain Cane that we see Dave present to us today. This cane is currently being manufactured and is ready to be ordered from Dave’s web site. at
Join Jeff and Pete and their dynamic guest, Dave Epstein as he describes the details and steps he has taken to create and develop this extra special cane that will meet our every travel need and take us where we need to go, safely!
Dave also offers other gear besides the ATC on his web site, You will find appealing T Shirts designed to identify blind walkers or hikers with unique designs and graphics which will definitely help you stand out as a blind traveler adding a layer of safety to your outings.

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