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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Apr 17, 2018

ThatBlindTechShow 14: From Twitter to FlickType to the AFB Board and Much Much More News... Like, Bone Conduction Sunglasses, Yup!

Welcome back to another That Blind Tech Show, well, at least that is what the script says, now if Bryan can only untie his tongue. Allison and Jeff join Bryan for episode 14 and although Bryan had his foot in his mouth, he did manage to figure out how to converse without even thinking about removing his foot!

From the Twitter API announcement, to FlickType storming back form it’s Flexsie  beginning, reading hand written messages, working with developers and by the way, What floor are you on?

Are you using RSS feeds for your news? Have you tried the Lire App? Did you you hear about the new AFB Board member from Apple?

Join the crew and have a chuckle on us as we take a stab at the news making headlines and the comments we probably should of edited. Ok, my bad.


Become a Beta tester for FlickType at



Why is Twitter such a, such a, such a...? Will this kill Twitter #BreakingMyTwitter for you?


Apple Granted patent to tell people what floor they are on!


AFB welcomes Sarah Herrlinger to its board


Apple hires Google Chief of AI


Bone Conduction Sunglasses



Thank you for listening.

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