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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Apr 28, 2020

The TBTS Team plus Ed, AKA Ray, hit the topics hard and drop some insight into the world of technology, services and phenomena galore! And if it doesn’t register high on the meter of good news, we pull it up a notch for some full disclosure. But not on our album art, of course.

Ed tackles some bare truths about Google, Microsoft, and who he really is. Yes, the listeners are restless and Ray’s name has surfaced more than a Zoom Bomber did 2 weeks ago. 

Is Zoom all patched up now? Hmm. How about Facebook’s new announcements? The Video Calls, Rooms and Live Events are ramping it up for a showdown at 10 PM, just click the link and Poof!

And that cute little Apple SE just makes yaw anna, don’t it? Come on, it’s got it all and at over half the cost. Dang it, Tim, you are pulling our triggers. 

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