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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jan 21, 2018

That Blind Tech Show: Rolling Back Skype, Facebook timeline, Smart Glasses, Is Apple Really Inovating?

Allison Hartley and Jeff Thompson join Bryan Fischler on this 11th Episode of That Blind Tech Show.

With some helpful demos and chat about how to improve your Facebook Timeline and experience, to Siri stepping up to the Home Pod expectations, to Smart Glasses getting more and more attention and stepping away from the Mac into PC, yes, Allison is doing it.

Plus, a lot more in this episode 11 of That Blind Tech Show. Join Co-hosts,Allison Hartley Bryan Fischler and Jeff Thompson for some real virtual reality and check out all the That Blind Tech Show by subscribing to Blind Abilities podcast network. 


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Check out these links from the topics from the show:


Facebook to radically change the way we view our News Feed


Rolling Back to the old Skype


The Robots of CES




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