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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Dec 23, 2017

That Blind Tech Show #10:  SeeingAI Update, Echo Wakes Up Singing, Pay the Apple Pay Way, A hero’s Call and Bryan’s Continuing Resolute to the New Year.

That Blind Tech Show Ep. 10 brings a vast array of topics and information from the Apple Watch experience, to the Talking Amazon TV, Amazon Echo waking you up in song or your favorite station, Turning off the Echo dot microphone, and a bit about using the app or the #FB SelectiveTwweets App in Facebook to post in both in one step.

Bryan talks about the Air Pods and setting the volume on his new Apple watch. 

Allison talks about a new game coming out for the PC called A Hero’s Call from Out Of Sight Games.

We sail through this episode covering more gidgets, gadgets and news stuff that you better wear a life jacket, or, knee high boots if you’re going to wade through all this. :)

Check out the links below to some of the topics mentioned in Episode 10 of That Blind Tech show.


Amazon Prime Video arrives on Apple TV in over 100 countries


Seeing AI Gets money, handwriting, color recognition



Amazon Echo can now wake you up to music


 Apple reportedly buys podcast search engine


Apple Pay Cash now avail to send money to friends


Apple and indoor mapping now avail at 34 airports and malls


Apps We like

Get Human App on IOS

Twitterrific for the Mac


Office 365 for the Mac

Audible On IOS