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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Sep 14, 2021

The Tech Abilities Crew took on some tough conversations and a lot of good information was laid out on the table. Will there be a Mac vs PC showdown this month? We actually went at it a bit and stay tuned when Raqi and Lisa return to the Blind Abilities Studio to balance out the battle royal. Jesse, Serina and Jeff brought a great perspective on the tools for education and gave some great tips from their own educational journeys. 

Check out the list and links below for all the tech tidbits and news covered by the team. You can use the chapter feature in your podcast player to jump to the topics you want to listen to first, then 2nd and so on. 

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  1. Introduction. 0:00
  2. It’s Show Time! 0:41
  3. Cane sale? What’s the Adaptation Store got this month? 6:13
  4. Apple Event Tuesday September 14, 10 Pacific, 11 Mountain, 12 Central and 1 PM. Eastern Time. 6:32
  5. Comply Air Pod Pro foam Tips - Medium, small, large or assorted. 12:46
  6. Apps we always debate about keeping. Deleting an app from your update list. 15:13
  7. Favorite Siri commands: Create an appointment, set reminder, Read Text with Seeing AI, etc. 18:13
  8. Apple TV Plus series, SEE has returned for 2nd season and I am riveted. The Morning show returns for season 2 on the 17th of September. Ted Lasso anybody? 22:48
  9. WiFi calling explained. Pros and Cons and FaQs. 26:52
  10. Swordy Quest releases 5.3 Plus an emergency fix! Way to go Charlie! 29:23
  11. Back to School tips for students. From a Voc Rehab perspective. 30:38
  12. Windows 11? 39:46
  13. PC vs Mac vs Notetakers from a VR perspective. 43:31
  14. Favorite Fn Commands  PC users. 58:05
  15. Apple mail, grouping messages or not? Plus Demo. 64:25
  16. More on Back to School and Education. 76:13
  17. Recapping and Contact Info. 82:10


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