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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Mar 27, 2023

 Hans Wiberg, founder of Be My Eyes, and the new chief executive officer of Be My Eyes, Mike Buckley join Pete Lane in the blind Abilities Studio   to announce a brand new feature, currently in Beta form available on the Be My Eyes app entitled "the Virtual Assistant". The virtual assistant is a feature that incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI),  to provide not only superior visual identification using the phones camera, but also provides interpretive and extrapolating decisions recently made possible with the Open AI Chat GPT version 4 artificial intelligence software.  Mike and Hans discuss the capabilities of this new virtual assistant feature and describe the process for users to be added to a waiting list to become a Beta tester of this new feature. This is an exciting time for blind individuals as the open AI team has chosen the Be My Eyes team as one of their first collaborating partnerships  to explore real life applications for their artificial intelligence software. 
Blind Abilities presents this follow up interview with Be My Eyes as they further demonstrate their commitment to presenting quality products and services to listeners. Listen in to this insightful look into one of the more popular and productive apps available for blind individuals, Be My Eyes.


*A big shoutout to Pete Lane for doing the heavy lifting on this interview as Jeff Thompson had an unexpected family commitment. At a boy, Pete!