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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

May 19, 2017

iPhone 101, Voiceover Gestures - the 2-Finger Folly!

Blind Abilities presents another episode in their series: iPhone 101. This is their second installment focusing on Voiceover gestures. In this segment, Pete Lane reviews the 2-finger gestures. Pete describes each gesture and then demonstrates how each is used in a realtime iPhone application. Pete also walks us through the Voiceover Help,/Practice area, by using the 4-finger double-tap gesture. 


* Gestures covered in this episode are:

- 2-finger single tap: stop VO from speaking,

- 2-finger double tap, AKA the Magic tap: play and pause audio such as music, podcasts, and much more,

- 2-finger flick up and down: “Read All” gestures,

- 2-finger scrub: moves to the previous page or screen, and

- 2-finger triple tap: brings up the List Chooser.


Stay tuned as Blind Abilities continues to review more VO gestures as well as much more on the iPhone!

Thank you for listening.

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