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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Dec 24, 2018

Show Summary:

iPhone 101 demonstrations and reviews brings you another demo and this one is all about Air Drop. What is Air Drop? It is a feature in the Apple devices and Macs that allows you and others to share across a Bluetooth connection simply and easily by just a couple of taps. You can set yours up to limit just who can Air Drop to your device or Mac.

Let’s imagine you are hanging out and around a table and you want a friend to visit a really cool site on the web. You can share the site by Air Drop and, boom, your friend is on the web site within seconds! Consider this, you are writing a paper and you need some info from the web or an app, you can turn from your Mac and pick up the iPhone, iPad or iPod and easily find your info and share it by Air Drop to the Mac and, boom, you are ready to address your paper again with some really cool resources.

In this demo, learn how to turn on Air Drop on your iPhone and/or Mac and how to restrict just anybody from dropping something into your device.

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