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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Feb 8, 2022

Members of the Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students (PABS) gathered in the Blind Abilities Studio to announce the 2nd Annual virtual Piano Bar Fundraising event. Happening on Wednesday, February 16 from 6 PM Eastern, 5 PM Central and 3 PM Pacific Time. This 3 hour virtual event will showcase college students playing piano and singing songs and engaging with the participants.

President of the Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students, Simon Bonenfant, introduces the performers as they unveil‑ their songs of choice and the dedications and tributes that you will be able to hear by registering for the Piano Bar event at  The cost is only $5 and the PABS members thank you for all your support.

If you are interested in joining an Association of Blind Students, check out these links to the Student Associations at NFB or ACB and see how you can participate and learn, share and contribute to the body of like-minded students engaging in their educational journeys.

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