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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Sep 18, 2017

Hey Siri, You’re In My Apple Watch 2! In My Bluetooth Headset! Time to Get the Series 3

Jeff Thompson of The Blind Abilities Podcasting team explains why upgrading to the Apple Watch Series 3 will be a good thing if you want the full experience in this Apple Watch experiment.

Seems like the Apple Watch to me is an ongoing process and as you wear this Jewel of the Nile of a watch, it seems to become more and more of your daily life. Yes, it is a simple yet expensive piece of kit that seems a bit excessive; however, with just a little help from the new 2 core processor giving this kit some 70 percent more horsepower and the addition of a cellular option, well... let the experiment begin.

Join Jeff as he shows you how the Apple Watch operating system 4.0 gets around using Siri and playing music through  Bluetooth speaker.

Thank you for listening.

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