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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jun 2, 2019

Show Summary:

In this Job Insightsepisode, we are talking to Ryan Bresnahan, Customer Experience Operations analyst. Ryan is sighted and works for Aira Tech Corporation, a company that connects people who are blind or low vision to a trained professional agent who is dedicated to further enhancing their everyday experience.

Ryan joined Aira nearly 4 years ago and was introduced to the Blindness Community, in which he did not know much about. Through examining his own preconceived ideas of people with disabilities, Ryan has grown a new understanding of how society can sweep aside people who are not the ‘standard’ and how his Aira experience is enhancing his perceptions and opening his eyes to the possibilities that he and his Aira team can bring about in changing attitudes and perceptions.

Ryan sits at the crossroads of Aira Agents, Aira Explorers and the team of developers and evaluates the efficiencies and practices to ensure that they are delivering the best service to the consumers.

Image of man with cane and woman with service dog and City Skyline with Job Insights in bold letters.

Ryan talks about his journey through education, his music, teaching and how he arrived at Aira.

As a sighted person working for a company that is aimed at assisting the Blindness Community, Ryan talks about how agents are getting connected with the Blindness Community and what qualities makes a good Aira Agent. And, if you know of a family member, friend or someone who you believe would make a good Aira Agent, you can find out more on the Aira web site at

For more information about becoming an Aira Explorer you can go to www.Aira.ioand check out all the opportunities Aira offers.


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