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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

May 18, 2017

Maria Johnson a.k.a. Girl Gone Blind is a mom, a blogger, radio host, fitness instructor, health and wellness advocate, podcaster, and most of all... Maria shares her experiences and assists others going through the turnstiles entering the journey of Blindness.

From learning about her LHON eye condition, losing most of her usable sight, struggling with the acceptance of her vision loss and continuing her fitness instruction classes, Maria talks about it all and then some. 

Join Maria Johnson along with Jeff Thompson of Blind Abilities as they travel the journey of a Girl Gone Blind.

You can find Maria on Twitter @Girl_Gone_Blind

Check out her blog at

and find Maria Johnson a.k.a. Girl Gone Blind on RNIB Connect Radio

 A big Thank You to Chee Chau for some of the beautiful music used throughout this production.


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