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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Nov 21, 2017

The Wood Working for the Blind #WW4B Series is about Blind wood workers honing their craft or just getting interested in the art of wood working. We are also bringing awareness to the #RebuildEHC to gain support for rebuilding Enchanted Hills Camp and Retreat. The largest fire in California history did not spare EHC and the spirit has not been broken. Rebuilding EHC for future generations is the goal this year and next year and that is what is going to make this time so memorable. You can support the #RebuildEHC by going to

In this WW4B podcast we talk to Brett Holly, former Apple employee, woodworker, and family guy. Brett left Apple after 21 years and was already building his 40 x 40 work shop when he lost his sight. Brett found the Lighthouse of San Fransisco’s wood working work shops and has been coming back ever event after event. 

I met Brent when I was assisting master craftsman George Wurtzel at the Annual Wood Working for the Blind event at Enchanted Hills Camp and Retreat. Brett and I worked on setting up jigs on various machines as he wanted to learn about making consistent cuts. After a few days of work we took a break outside the Tactile Arts Barn, of which survived the fire, and conducted this interview. Join us as Brett tells his story and gives us a glimpse of how he sees the future and how he takes on the challenges of blindness.

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