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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jun 24, 2020

Full Transcript

Every day we are inundated with reports about COVID-19: statistics, new cases, and worse. Every day we hear of how the coronavirus has impacted people, but have we heard specific reports of its effect on blind and visually impaired individuals? 

In this series from Blind Abilities, we hear from blind citizens Around the world about how they have experienced and adapted to COVID-19. from Australia and Malaysia, to the united kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada and the United States, we hear firsthand reports from individuals with their unique perspective on how the coronavirus has affected them as blind citizens. 

In this 5th episode in a series, we hear from Nick D’Ambrosio. Nick hails from Montreal, Canada, located in the province of Quebec in the eastern part of the country. With ten provinces in three territories the impact of COVID-19 varies greatly across this vast country, but Nick points out some basic precautionery measures which are in place nationwide.  

Listen too as Nick also describes a program offered by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) called Virtual Vision Mate, to help BVI citizens get groceries and other things they may need during the pandemic.

As an essential worker, Nick shares his first-hand account of working with customers in a drug store, adapting to social distancing and wearing a mask constantly. Nick also addresses issues surrounding isolation, and the loneliness and depression which may result. Don’t be a hero, seek out family and friends, and  network. 

Be sure to tune in to this and other informative episodes to hear how your BVI counterparts around the world are coping with and adapting to cOVID-19.

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