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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Oct 22, 2018

Show Summary:

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October 11 is White Cane Day in Minnesota and the Blindness community came out strong to support the awareness of the White Cane.

Speakers shared the history of White Cane day and others talked about the freedom and independence the white cane brings to them. The Minnesota State Academy for the Blind shared their voices and sang aloud in the Capital’s Rotundra.

With the support of the local Lions Clubs, MSAB, NFB of MN and Blind, Inc. the White Cane Day event was a great event with a lot of participation. From joining in on the song to marching in the walk from the St. Paul Capital to the St. Paul Cathedral and bac, participants chatted and talked while blazing through the chilly and windy Autumn day in Minnesota. As Carol Pankow put it, “Rain, sleet or snow, we do it and the weather doesn’t stop us. We just keep moving and grooving with life.

You can find out more about MSAB on the web.

Check out the NFB of MN on the web at

And be sure to see what opportunities and events are happening at Blind, Inc. on the web at

And check out your local Lions Club and see what they are doing in your community.


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