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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Apr 23, 2024

In this 32nd  episode of Wellness Wednesday, Beth Gustin, LPC and Robin Ennis, LCSW, CPC, focus on Stress Awareness, which is during this month of April. In today's enlightening discussion, we dive deep into the myriad ways to manage stress, recognize its early warning signs, and take proactive steps toward maintaining your well-being. Whether you're dealing with work pressure, personal challenges, or just the daily grind, this episode offers valuable insights and practical tips to help you navigate life's stresses more effectively. Join us as we explore strategies to not only cope with stress but to thrive despite it.


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Show Hosts:

            Robin Ennis on the web at

            Beth Gustin, LPC, NCC, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, CAGCS, PLGS



You can message Beth and Robin by calling 612-367-6093 or by email. They are looking forward to hearing from you!


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