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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Mar 28, 2020

That Blind Tech Show is back in the saddle and would like to send out our best of thoughts to you and your families during these challenging times we are experiencing. Be sure to stay informed and reach out to your loved ones via phone and check up on one another on a regular basis. Together we can get through this and we hope we can bring you some useful information as well as some humor. We all need a bit of relief from our long days of late and hope you enjoy the show. Most of all, we want all of you to stay well and stay strong.

In this show we take a look at working from home, some tips and what it is like when the kids are home as well. We explore some devices and tools such as the new MacBook and new iPads. Explore what tools are becoming handy as we all experience changes in our workplace, school studies and everyday life.

We talk about fitness and the Focus On Fitness series just released on Blind Abilities. The new My Read tool from Orcam that is for low-vision and it is like a pen in your hand and it reads text. Hmm.

Envision has the new Envision Glasses and Brian checked them out with good reviews. Serina is still exploring the Google apps and has found Google Meet is doing it for her. Still, Zoom is still the most accessible video meeting app in her toolbox. Brian is happy with his grocery and food delivery apps as well as Serina, and Jeff is supporting his local produce ranch when he can.

There is much much more needed to be said and added to the show notes and I will update real soon. But for now, stay well and enjoy a virtual hug from the Blind Abilities Team. Stay Strong.

Here is some notes on a shortcut that Jeff demos in the podcast. We realize during the “shelter in” phase that the shortcut will not be needed much. Jeff actually has been using this shortcut for months and decided to share when others became interested.

How to Auto Turn Off WiFi in iOS 13 or iPadOS When You Leave Home

When you leave your home or office, you may forget to turn off Wi-Fi on your iPhone. Although this habit may not incur any significant loss, your device can be connected to an insecure Wi-fi network on your way to the office or home. To avoid this situation, you should turn off Wi-fi on your iPhone. It is difficult to follow this practice every day. However, there is a better way. You can now auto turn off your iPhone or iPad Wi-fi when you leave office or home.

Apple introduced some sweeping changes and updates in its iOS 12. And one of the significant was Shortcuts. By using the best Siri Shortcuts, you can perform many tasks smoothly, using voice commands and single taps. To turn off Wi-fi automatically on your iPhone, you can create a Shortcut. And when you leave that particular location, Wi-fi on your iPhone will be turned off automatically. Let’s check out how we can do it.

How to Auto Turn Off Wi-Fi in iOS 13 or iPadOS When You Leave Home or Office

Note that the feature is available in iOS 13; hence, to use this feature, you need to update your iPhone to the latest operating system. 

Step #1. Launch Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

Step #2: The latest Shortcuts app shows you three buttons at the bottom, Tap on Automation.

Step #3. Now tap on the Create Personal Automation tab.

Step #4. As of now, Automation is divided into three categories: Events, Travel, and Settings. Under Travel, you will find Leave; tap on it.

Step #5. Then Choose Current Location.

Your iPhone will automatically select your current location. Tap on the Done button from the top right corner.

Step #6. When your location is set up, tap on the Next button and then tap on Add Action button.

Step #7. On the Actions screen, you will find some preset options. Type WiFi in the search bar, you will find Set Wi-Fi action in the list; tap on it.

Step #8. you can now Turn Wi-Fi On; Single finger flick up or down to edit and tap the On to turn it Off.

Step #9. Finally, tap on Next and then Done from the top right corner.


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