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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Sep 16, 2016

Blind Abilities offers Part 7 in their series: The Process Of Creating A Podcast. In this installment, Pete Lane works with a variety of audio clips, two of which he inserts into the interview to create transitions from topic to topic, and one of which is used to illustrate a discussion item in the interview. Pete explains how transitions sounds can vary depending upon the nature of the podcast as he builds his project towards its culmination in the next installment in is series. 

Included in this Part:  

* Chapter 9 - Inserts & Transitions

Stay tuned for Part 8 as Pete finalizes his project by connecting the three major components  of the Erica Turner podcast : The Introduction, the body of the interview and the Outro.

The Blind Abilities team encourages listeners to send questions or comments, or to suggest specific features to be covered in future episodes. We are also curious to learn whether listeners have used all or part of this series to expand their skills with Amadeus Pro. Send an email to:

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