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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jul 26, 2019

Blind Abilities presents another epic podcast featuring an in depth interview with an amazing guest. Johnny Hiland is a highly successful and well-respected musician, a fantastic country guitarist who is widely recognized as one of the fastest “chicken pickers” in the world. But his musical expertise is not limited to the country arena. No, Johnny has mastered rock, blues, swing, medal and almost any other genre into which he chooses to go, whether in the studio with the likes of Hargus (Pig) Robbins, or Phil Keaggy, or on stage with Sammy Hagar, the 392nd Army Rock Band on July 4th, or with his childhood hero, Ricky Skaggs. Johnny is also an active teacher, giving guitar lessons live or on line, and as an expert “gear head,” sharing his uncanny knowledge of guitars and related gear with listeners.  

As expected, Jeff and Pete delve as much into Johnny's childhood, education and his feelings about his blindness as the “fun stuff” relating to his music. Listen as Johnny opens doors to issues and thoughts which he previously never explored and learn how this accomplished mainstream musician has dealt with life in the industry: on the road, on stage and in the studio recording one of his top selling albums. As usual, this podcast is laced with lots and lots of musical excerpts from Johnny in all aspect of his career as one of the most widely sought-after guitarist in the world.  We therefore title this podcast: The Complete Story of Johnny Hiland.
This epic interview will leave you inspired, motivated and wanting to hear more from Johnny Hiland!   

Be sure to check out everything you want to know on Johnny’s web site: www.JohnnyHiland.Net 

Also, be sure to follow Johnny on Facebook, at JohnnyHilandOfficial, and tune in to his weekly live videos in which he and his lovely wife Kim chat with fans in a relaxed home setting.

Finally, you can find Johnny’s albums on most of the regular outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other streaming services.


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