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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jan 5, 2023

Jeff Thompson and Pete Lane  once again welcome Bari Azman and Diane Ducharme, of the BlindShell USA company to the Blind Abilities studios to share an exciting announcement with our listeners! In this episode, Barry and Diane reveal a new app that has been recently added to the BlindShell Classic 2 app catalog. This is an app That they have been working hard to secure in their arsenal of available applications. It has also been the single most requested app from all BlindShell classic 2 users with whom they have come into contact, whether in blindness conventions, trade shows, emails or phone calls.

Can you guess which new App this is?  Well you’ll find out soon enough when you jump into the podcast -

It’s BARD Mobile!
Go ahead and dive right into this short but informative podcast that will unveil this great new app to BlindShell Classic 2 users, or potential users.  This is just the kind of addition to the BlindShell Classic 2 accessible phone that will help you make up your mind to get this amazing device!

Pete and Jeff conduct their typical in-depth interview with Barry and Diane, to completely cover all aspects of the BlindShell classic two phone and the brand new app! The folks at BlindShell have made it easy to get started with Bard. Just go to: www.BlindshellUSA/Bard  to find all the necessary links to get going.
And for all things BlindShell, go to their web site at


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