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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jun 30, 2018

That Blind Tech Show 18: My TV’s On Fire! GPS, GPS, GPS 3 Times Fast, Lazarillo App, Pete’s Amazon Fire Cube Demo and BETA, BETA, BETA.


That Blind Tech Show sneaks right up to the start of conventions and on Episode 18 Serina Gilbert struts her microphone magic and puts the boys in their place. Join Brian Fischler, Serina Gilbert and Jeff Thompson as they roll out some pretty good news, opinions and possibly a little humor to bring a little sunshine into your day.

From the Amazon TV, the Amazon Fire Cube, in which the totally awesome Pete Lane demonstrates, to some neat little gadgets Brian is collecting, sharing and keeping the economy moving by purchasing anything under $35. Oops, he may of blew that budget. J

Jeff gives a little peek at the LazarilloApp that rivals the BlindSquare App but does it really? Download this free app and find out yourself. Lazarillo on the App Store.

Serina, Co-Host of the Job Insights podcast on Blind Abilities does a sensational job and if she could just laugh a little bit more… Believe me, her laugh is infectious!

Join the That Blind Tech Show crew and kick back for a good listen and be sure to check out some of the links from the show below:


Did you hear the one about the all you can eat Chinese Restaurant that went out of business?


Don’t Take your iPhone to World Cup. Is there anywhere you won’t take your iPhone?


Do you plan to run the iOS 12 public beta on your devices


Talk Smart Wearable Bluetooth Button

Reizen Talking Wand


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