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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

May 31, 2018

ThatBlindTechShow #16: Cool Tech, FlickType Launch in Sight, A Memory Stick Goes Wireless, WWDC Anybody?

Episode 16 is really Sweet 16 as Allison and Jeff show their love while Brian remains an 80’s guy deep inside. But that’s as far as we want to go with that. General Electric’s Alexa controlled Air Conditioner gets a demo, as well as the new FaceBook Notifications Settings. We hear from across the pond and from the developers of FlickType and the upcoming release of the 3rd party keyboard is announced.
How much fun can you have with a wireless memory stick? We tried, boy, did we. Remember to Back up your devices, computers and make it lazy proof without failure.
WWDC is knocking and we crack the door open just a bit and expose our thought bubbles without risk to our integrity. Hmmm, protect that, eh?
Coffee and Beer brewing machine, New ovens getting some smarts and Comcast spills the beans, again. And, how to save money on your modem. Don’t lease… Buy!
This was to be a quick episode and you probably know how some of the best plans go astray? Well, our planned plan panned out without planning and we still hope you plan to listen as Allison, Brian and myself, Jeff roll out episode 16 with that chagrin smile we wear so well. We hope you get us into your listening playlist, into your pod catcher of choice and in your Amazon device with our Alexa Skill, Blind Abilities. So don’t be afraid to send us your feedback at and follow our vibe on Twitter @BlindTechShow.
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Here are the links from the show:

Amazon $7000 for toilet paper

Amazon Portable Battery for Alexa

Smart Microwaves

Coffee and Beer Brewing Machine

Sandisk Wireless Stick

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