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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Dec 29, 2018

Ed and Brian are back together and Jeff just keeps hanging out counting the days. That’s days until New years 2019! The boys hit the studio hard with nothing but true stories and nothing but the facts. Ed and Jeff keep Brian in-line somewhat and maybe Brian is turning over a new leaf? Well, you can decide when you listen to episode #25 of That Blind Tech Show. 

We cover Facebook Privacy, if there is any. Jaws, ChromeBooks, PC’s, Macs  and some demos on Verticle Navigation and Voice Recognition in your Amazon Device. And what about Aira Boxing? Yes, it was mentioned here first! Aira Boxing, coming by 2030 or so. We even do a smack down of sorts, pitting the Mac against the PC world.

So kick on back and take in the show. There will be a test next week, so you better take some Braille notes. BTW, it’s all true or false, and here on TBTS, you know all the answers are True!

Here are some links pertaining to some of the topics from the show:

A human heart was left on a Southwest flight. Have you ever left anything important on a flight or in a hotel room?

Facebook just keeps continuing to give your info away. Are they to blame what about the companies that received it? Is privacy dead unless you are living in the woods?

Amazon promises Apple Music is coming to Third Party Alexa Speakers

Apple Patent Describes both Touch and Face ID on the same phone

Controversial AI service for flagging risky Babysitter’s gets shut down

What was your favorite tech lie of 2018?

Kids in 1904 had interesting predictions about the future. What do you think 2019 will bring for accessibility?


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