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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jun 9, 2020

The Super-Sized Group is Virtually back in the saddle and fixing up a Live show on June 10th. Ed returns from a deep but restless sleep, Serina might be making cookies later and Brian is going nowhere soon. Meanwhile, Jeff is saving the world and barely having time to rest in the Hammock. I didn’t write that. Hmm.

Did you hear that Yahoo Fantasy Football is back? Yup, yup!

We got a call in number now! 612-367-6093. Drop us a message, give us some feedback and offer up some suggestions. Looking forward to hearing from you and give us permission and we may put your voice on the show.

Ok, here are some links from the episode:


Tile comes to Skull Candy Ear buds.

Tile says Apple not playing fair.

Samsung announces three new features for Global Awareness Day.

How are you sleeping?

Thanks for listening!


Thank you for listening.
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