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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Mar 28, 2019

Apple just quietly released some new updated products and now held an Apple Event focused on services. Yes, from an Apple Card, Apple News Plus, Apple TV plus, Apple TV App with Channels and Apple Arcade for the gamers. It is all here and you can find out more about all the new products and services on the Apple web site,

I would go into detail in the show notes but why not just listen to the show and become the smartest new Apple News knower in your neck of the woods? Yes, we can give you that! Not much more, so take it. Oh, surely I jest, Yup, Jeff the Jester. Hmmm.

Join Serina Gilbert our Voc Rehab Counselor from the Mountains, Allison mervis, a Voc Rehab Super from the Grape fields of California, Brian Fischler, an Assistive Technology Specialist, stuck somewhere in the Big Apple and myself, Jeff Thompson, Teacher, Woodworker and media Specialist from the Frozen Tundra of Minnesota. And a special little cameo from our man in trouble, Marlon Parieaho from Trinidad.


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