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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jul 8, 2020

The Gang of 4 return to the studio to take a good look at the news and happenings around the technology world with a blindness perspective. From Aira stating the Free 5 minute policy clearly to Bose and Microsoft Stores closing for good. Oh, yes, the Bose Frames are still pumping out the sound but the Virtual Reality gets put on the shelf and may not be a reality in the Bose labs. Twitter goes audio with Tweets, or at least, the feature is rolling out but without accessibility? What? Access may be coming. But, is Audio Description getting yanked around? What about Brian’s new Ultra-Violet Wand? Yes, he is lighting up his world! We hope it is a cleaner world when he is done. Believe me, we do.

Privacy from tracking the COVID-19 peeps and Browsers locking up your passwords and permissions? 

What is all this Back Tap talk? Can you hear better now? Apple may have the answer in iOS14. 

The Gang takes a look at heading back to work and getting about now a days and just how things are shaping up around the states.

Join us for this well fact checked episode of That Blind Tech Show and be sure to subscribe to the TBTS show in your favorite Podcatcher of choice. Our Feed is live and wants to be in your device today! 

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