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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jan 26, 2021

Show Summary:

The crew is intact and with a latte in-hand and most of the microphones locked down and ready, Serina, Raqi, Angie and Jeff take on a lot of topics starting with a very sad, sad story. Serina tossed her nose up at the Air Pod Max headphones and landed a new iPad Air 4. Meanwhile, Raqi scores a Mac Mini just to spoil her Mantis. Meanwhile, Angie’s travel experience is shared and she is now Home Sweet Home at Las, Las Vegas that is. Jeff rows in counting his strokes and loving the Concept2 Rower. He also got his Air Pod Pro replaced by Apple free of charge! 

The Homan Prize is now open for applications at Be sure to check it out and apply by March 14, Yes, Pie Day! 3.14…. right? Or is everything Apple, Apple Pie that is.

Jeff talks up his Husky Workbench/Standup Desk with adjustable height from Home Depot.

We hear from the Big R about his Concept2 Rower about to arrive, another listener just got another and a rowing we will go.

Have you found or come across some cool mask that you like? Have you got new plans for this new year? Do you use a stand-up desk? Let us know, give us a call at 612-367-9063, we want to hear from you.

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