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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Oct 28, 2021

The 3 Mac-a-teers, Ok, Jeff and those two PC users, talk Mac, Mac, Mini and a Pod from last weeks Apple Unleashed event. They then trip the light fantastic on tech tidbits and news from around the Blindness Sphere. Serina, Jesse and Jeff bring their workplace experiences, their passions and assistive technology know-how to the table and dig down into some really interesting perspectives.

Join the Tech Abilities crew in the Blind Abilities studio and be sure to give us some feedback, suggestions and opinions by calling 612-367-6093, we would love to hear from you.

Below is a timeline and this episode of Tech Abilities is sorted out into chapters for your listening pleasure.

The Power bar Surge Protector mentioned is the Furman M-8X2 Power Conditioner.

Topics and Timeline:

Introduction. 00:00

Let’s get the show started.! 00:41

The Apple Unleashed Event. 02:38

New Air Pod 3’s. 03:00

Home Pod Mini gets Many Colors. 07:39

Apple Music new Voice Only plan for $4.99. 09:59

M1 Pro 14 and 16 inch models $1999 and $2499 starting. 13:24

Windows and the PC Platform vs Apple for students and more Mac news. 14:25

Apple 13 Pro Max Battery Life and the Address/Tab Bar in Safari. 24:47

Siri usage and over usage, is it a problem? How about Smart devices for spelling? 29:05

Braille and spell checking. 32:20

Practical Labeling. 37:44

Power Surge Bar. 43:33

Audio Description News. 44:40

Accessible Gaming, SwordyQuest Update, OLed Switch and new Gaming Computer. 53:21

M1 Max Super Duper? Or Boring M2? Or how about M-deuce? 61:35

Headed Out and Contact information. 62:42

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