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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jul 14, 2021

The Tech Abilities crew just expanded their reach and now cover the 4 time zones. Serina, Raqi and Jeff welcomes Jesse Anderson and Lisa salinger to the Tech Abilities team. We started out sticking to the show notes and soon enough, they tossed me aside like an Android tablet! Ok, maybe not that bad; however, this show went on and on through the tech world and the experiences that build our decisions on what we like and do not like. Most of all, we realize not one of us use our devices like the other and our opinions vary, so keep that in mind as we speak our minds and try to give an honest evaluation. With that said, this episode has chapters and the times are written below for easy navigation.

A shoutout to Marlon for his vocal contributions and eating all the cookies. 

Enjoy the podcast and thanks for listening. 

  1. The Cookie Drama by Jeff and Marlon 1:25
  2. Introductions: Jeff, Serina, Raqi, Jesse and Lisa 3:55
  3. Dynamic Tactile Device: The development of a groundbreaking multiline braille tactile reader that combines tactile images and braille, is being created through a partnership between APH and HumanWare. 8:13
  4. Dishwater Safe Cane Tip the Omni-Sense by Omnia at 10:56
  5. Serina: Peloton Plus Exercise Bike BlindyBlog post 15:37
  6. Pounds – The Rockout Workout 22:00
  7. Raqi: Tired of 2.4 ghz interference, added separate SSID for 5G 29:51
  8. iOS 15 Public Beta released 34:05
  9. Screen Recognition Bug Fix 41:38
  10. Safari moves the Address bar, tabs, bookmarks. 45:51
  11. The New Design of the AppleTV Remote. 55:13
  12. Who is the real boss? LOL 56:37
  13. The Focus feature for Do Not Disturb. Home, Work, Sleep, etc. 57:11
  14. What is iCloud+? 61:50
  15. Private relay Hide My Email 
  16. Custom domain names are coming to Apple mail
  17. How much is iCloud+? No extra!
  18. Air Tag notification if left behind. 71:21
  19. Air Tag Key chains on Amazon. From UNeedIty, Genuine Leather $19.99 save $20  76:47
  20. Apple Watch Bands and the Stinky ones too. 78:23
  21. Hot Spotting for an internet connection. Be sure to have WIFI turned on. 84:23
  22. Will Clubhouse Die the Death of Google Plus? And what about Spotify’s Greenroom? Anybody? Twitter Spaces? 87:10
  23. Serina, what’s the latest in Audio Description and ADP? 96:41
  24. Raqi, what’s new at SF Lighthouse and the Adaptation Store? 101:22
  25. Jesse, How is SSB and the Illegally Sighted doing? 107:37
  26. Lisa, What’s new at Hadley? 112:20
  27. Jeff, how is the blind hockey journey going? 113:30
  28. Thanks for listening.

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