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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Mar 30, 2021

The crew is feisty on Fridays but hey it’s Monday, Raqi. From the release of Audio Description on HBO Max to Flicktype bolstering some Apples, we seem to get into a lot about what we want in the Clubhouse arena. What is it with Ringtones anyways? The real thing here is this, have you heard the Home Pod Minis in Stereo? Wowie Wow Wow is all I got on that.

We talk tech, we talk a lot and we dive right into it. Join us for some fun in the sun if you got it. Maybe in a month from my vantage point but we got all of you covered. Now scoot over and lets play this episode of Tech Abilities!

Here are some links from the show:

HBO update with accessibility improvements,  and HBO Max starts adding Audio Description on the app. Not the Apple TV though.

Here is the link to the Audio Description Project where you find nearly anything and everything about the availability of Audio Description and who and where to find the titles with it.

If you subscribe to HBO Max, here is a direct link to HBO Titles With AD.

Moment line of cases for mag safe and for lenses and just a nice case that is biodegradable.

And a line of Tripods with screw mounts for pro tripods or mini tripods with mag safe connection.

Apple’s HomePod mini reportedly has a secret temperature and humidity sensor

FlickType developer sues Apple for ‘monopoly muscle’ and failure to police App Store scams        

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