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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Syrup Isn't Lemmon Juice: Finding Bottle Labels With Various Free Apps #TapTapSee #BeSpecular #SeeingAI #BeMyEyes

Feb 10, 2018

By Jessica Hodges


Pecan pie is delicious, the day is young, and my oven is hot. Music is playing, and the filling for my pie is almost done. I am content. Then I taste the filling, and immediately reach for a glass of water. I was such an idiot. What I thought had been corn syrup had actually been lemon juice, which doesn't go with pecans at all! This wouldn't happen if I was more organized or took the time to read bottle labels. Sighing, I throw out the filling, and start again. This time, when I get to the corn syrup, I pull out my phone.


There are many different free services designed to let a blind person know what something is. Some of the results are very instantaneous, and some take a minute or two. Some rely on you to take the picture, while some connect you to someone.

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