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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jan 16, 2021

Full Transcript

In the era of Covid-19 we have seen a sharp rise in the production of virtual music, ranging from individual performers, to bands, to choral groups.  Prior to the pandemic, however, this form of music was not only unusual, but rare. Our guests today on blind abilities represent one of those rare music groups that originated before the Corona virus  burst onto the world scene. the Serenity Virtual choir is that group, and Kaleigh Brendle is the group’s founder.

Initially she started out small, pulling together a local singing group to help a friend with a project, but, realizing she had a passion for the undertaking,  she soon expanded it into an international virtual choir of more than ninety voices throughout the quarantine.

Join Simon Bonenfant as he chats with Kaley and Katie Hall, one of the choir’s dedicated editing team as they explore the evolution of the group, how they adapted and adjusted the membership to include children and more adults, how they build create and edit their arrangements and what they do to socialize and maintain a sense of teamwork and family within the group. 

Be sure to set aside a few minutes of your valuable time to hear the wonderful music this choir offers to the world, and be sure to listen to all their diverse selections and subscribe to their YouTube Channel at SingForSerinityChoir.

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