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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Oct 20, 2017

Caroline Karbowski is a senior in high school with a passion for 3D imaging that led her to a 2nd place finish in the Tech Olympics. Her project is called See3D, which creates 3D images for the blind to feel and understand more clearly the shape and construct of something they never could have conceived without the added information the 3D image offered.

Caroline somehow had a passion for Braille and taught herself so she could read in the car without getting dizzy, and later she came up with See3D and although this may seem like a natural progression, Caroline is not Blind, nor visually impaired.

Caroline has pursued her passion and is now taking SEE3D to another level and bringing more opportunities for others to get involved in the See3D project. And you can too! Go to her web site at and find out more and how you can request a model or how you can become part of the See3D providers.

I really enjoyed talking to Caroline and hearing her passion for what she is doing so I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did interviewing Caroline.

Be sure to check out her web page and give her some feedback on her See3D project on the web at

You can find her article on the American foundation for the Blind web site at

A huge Thank You goes out to CheeChau for his wonderful music!


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