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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jul 21, 2016

Welcome to the introduction of a Brand new series Called Practical Podcasting: Capturing a Thought Bubble on Audio.  In this series we will cover a large number of topics surrounding the art of Podcasting and recording Audio. In this introduction Jeff Thompson, from the blind Abilities Team, lists the topics and the wide range of areas that make a Podcast what it is. Each episode in this continuing series will highlight a specific hardware, software, technique or process. Guest content providers will give demonstrations, comparisons, and suggestions related to the Practical Podcasting experience. This introduction is just that, an overall introduction and the highlight of a microphone comparison provided by Dan Brown is a 4 mic showdown allowing one to hear and consider some of the highly used microphones in the podcasting field. Dan introduces us to the Beringer XM 85 dynamic, the AudioTechnica AT 2100 Dynamic, the Blue Yetti Condenser and the MXL 5000 Condenser microphones. 

Music for this Podcasts was produced and performed by Rene Russell @Logical_Woman on Twitter.

Next episode will center around the idea of podcasting with the devices you may already have! Whether it be a Mac, PC or your smart phone, podcasting is not that far from your reach.