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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Sep 26, 2023

Justin Ng is part of a two-person team that made Timecrest, an iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch game that has won AppleVis accessibility awards for Best Game and Developer of the Year, inducted into the AppleVis Hall of Fame, featured on Apple's App Store Best Of list, and was recommended by the New York Times. 


Timecrest was designed to be accessible from the ground up. the Sneaky Crab Team are sighted, but learned how to use their phones with screen curtain on and using only VoiceOver, and their personal experience and a significant amount of user feedback led to them creating many features for their game that were specific to VoiceOver that sighted users would never even know about.

Jesse Anderson from the Illegally Sighted YouTube Channel and Jeff Thompson from Blind abilities, talk to Justin about developing accessible games as sighted people, to their process of writing the story for Timecrest.

Timecrest is an epic fantasy with over 640,000 words and interesting choices and mysteries, and they also have a lot of thoughts on the art of storytelling!

You can find out more about Timecrest on the web at

Download the Timecrest app on the Apple Store!