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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Aug 29, 2016

Blind Abilities Presents, Part 6 - The Process Of Creating A Podcast

Pete Lane shares Part 6 in his series: The Process of Creating A Podcast. Pete has gone through his own, in depth process   of producing a full length project, the completed podcast for which was published on Blind Abilities on May 27, 2016. 

Pete walks through his step by step process, beginning with a recorded Skype interview with Erica Turner. From there Pete demonstrates how he edits and applies various effects using the Amadeus Pro multi-track editing software for the Mac  to enhance the quality of the audio. He splits the recording into separate mono and stereo tracks to further facilitate the use of advanced editing and effects. In this episode, Pete demonstrates how he created the “Outro” or closing segment of the project, using separate music and voice tracks. Join Pete for this short, ten-minute demonstration. As we draw near the end of the series, we’ll explore the use of “transition sounds” to separate topics in the interview and other audio inserts to enhance the message. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Pete at

Stay tuned for Part 7 in the coming weeks! 

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