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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Aug 19, 2016

Blind Abilities offers the fifth in the series, The Process Of Creating A Podcast. In this episode, Pete Lane walks us through his process of creating the multi-track Intro for the Erica Turner podcast. Pete demonstrates multi track creating using a music bed (So Many Reasons to Rejoice, by Eddie Robinson), and pasting descriptive voice clips using the “Paste to a new track” Command + Option + V. Pete then demonstrates a process that yields similar results by using the Paste Over Command + Shift + V. This latter process is comparable, but provides less flexibility in terms of adding individual effects to each component. Join Pete for this detailed look at his process for creating a multi track Introduction.

Included in this Part:

* Chapter 7 - Creating a Multi Track Intro

Check out the previous four parts to see the full process of creating a podcast from the initial Skype interview until now. Pete will offer three more Parts as he creates an Outro (closing); enhances the body of the interview by inserting transitions and audio inserts, and finally connecting all three components of this project to complete the final Erica Turner podcast. 

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Stay tuned for Part 6 of the series!    

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