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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Sep 7, 2023

Returning to the Blind Abilities Studio is USA Today Best Selling Author, Barbara Hinske. Barbara is excited to announce that Hallmark has brought her book to the big screen. She talks about the journey, the process and the feelings she experienced while on-set with the cast, directors and puppies. September 8th, 2023 is the launch date on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries at 8 PM Central and 9 PM Eastern and Pacific.

Be Sure to check out all the dates Guiding Emily is playing on your Hallmark channel.

Join the Release Party with Barbra and fans of her books.

Guiding Emily is the tale of a young woman who loses her sight in an accident and a guide-dog-in-training who becomes her guide. It’s the heartwarming, heartbreaking, inspirational tale of their journey to find each other as Emily strives to come to terms with her new reality. 

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