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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Aug 17, 2016

Join Jeff Thompson and Pete Lane and their guest, Suman Kanuganti, Co-founder and CEO of AIRA. AIRA leverages smart glasses, such as Google Glass to provide a dynamic service to blind users.  Beginning with the Explorer program slated to begin in September and October of 2016, this device and the service associated with it promises to be a viable benefit with infinite potential for the blind for years to come.

Listen to Jeff and Pete as they engage in a detailed and fascinating  look at AIRA in this 47 minute interview, complete with inserted audio from the AIRA.IO web site.  Settle-in and hear about the trial, the trained agents, facial recognition and the artificial intelligence that will shape this experience over the next few years. And enjoy the wonderful music of Andre Louis @Freakyfwoof

You can find AIRA on Twitter at @AIRAIO

Jeff Thompson @JThompson6835 

Pete Lane @Lane7625

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