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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Tips and Tricks From a Blind Perspective - By Kelsi Hansen

Jan 29, 2019

My last Tips and Tricks blog seemed to go over very well. I received a few emails from other blind individuals sharing their own helpful pointers. So, today I would like to share tips I received from readers, as well as a few more of my own. 

Let’s start in the kitchen again. One reader sent me a few different tricks...

Jan 27, 2019

Show Summary:

Brian, Allison and Jeff are in the studio and sifting through the latest news and happenings. From privacy being a thing of the past to seniors being blamed for Fake News, the TBTS get down deep into the bowels of Smart products from C.E.S. and did I mention the Smart Toilets for about 8 grand? Yes,...

Jan 25, 2019

Show Summary:

Jim Justesen from Eye-Link North Dakota sits down with Aimee Volk, Vision and Independent Living Services Administrator for the Department of Vocational rehabilitation of North Dakota, and talk about the partnership that is bringing results to the older blind of North Dakota.

We had Jim in the Blind...

Jan 24, 2019

Tech Abilities is back in the studio and we have put our toys to the test. We may not have Alarming results, yet our Alarms are being set with accessibility and now Serina and Jeff can Nest assure themselves that Temps, Locks, cameras and detectors are on the job and we feel good. Meanwhile, Andy wanted a Ring II,...

Jan 22, 2019

Jonathan Mosen sits down in the Blind Abilities studio to talk about the latest news from Aira. With a brand new promotion where anyone with a Free account can use the Aira service for 30 minutes, anywhere, anytime and when you want. Just download the Free Aira app from the iOS App Storeor Google Play Storeand you can...