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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jul 25, 2018

Peter Walters - A Nuclear Scientist and Venture Capitalist: His Journey from Education to Employment #NFB18

            Blind Abilities continues their coverage of the NFB National  Convention, 2018 from Orlando, Florida, brought to you by Aira. In this short podcast, Jeff Thompson catches up with Peter Walters in the hotel coffee shop. Peter has a phD in Nuclear Physics and speaks about his journey through vision loss, his education through post-graduate school and his transition both into college and the workplace. Listen as Peter describes how he optimized his working in the classroom, how he dealt with a second level of sight loss, and the career decisions he had to deal with as a result. Meet this fascinating individual and hear his compelling story, courtesy of Blind Abilities and Aira.

You can reach out to Peter for financial information or to chat about physics, via email at:


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