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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jan 24, 2019

Tech Abilities is back in the studio and we have put our toys to the test. We may not have Alarming results, yet our Alarms are being set with accessibility and now Serina and Jeff can Nest assure themselves that Temps, Locks, cameras and detectors are on the job and we feel good. Meanwhile, Andy wanted a Ring II, that’s his Ring Doorbell with a camera. Yes, Serina’s Nest hello doorbell is peeping outside and telling all, except for a Ninja now and then.

Join us as we talk about how our Smart home devices are doing. We got them, talked about them, installed them and put them to the test. So check out how we are satisfied and how installation and usability is going for us.

Serina used the Geek Squad service for installation. You can find the Geek Squad at your local Best Buy or look them up at

Join Serina, Andy and Jeff in this informative show and a special Parrot that once attended church, but not for long.  The Parrot then took to Amazon devices and is now chilling to Jazz and waiting for deliveries. Yup, Polly the Parrot is quite Posh.

Here are some of the Smart Home Devices mentioned in the Tech Abilities podcast:


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