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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jan 30, 2018

Michael Feir’s Empowering Guide - Personal Power for the iPhone and A Hero’s Call is Out of Sight


Michael Feir is an author, a radio personality on the Accessible Media, Inc network in Canada and has quite a passion for accessible games. Michael joins Nick and Jeff of the Blind Abilities Team and talks about a new book that he is releasing by year’s end.

Personal Power for the iPhone is a Guide for those who may not be realizing the potential of the equipment or device they have been provided or may be considering and want to understand how it can be incorporated into their daily life. The guide is aimed at new users and starts from the absolute beginning leaving no one behind.

Michael wants to empower those who may not have the benefit of being around others who are “in the know’ and bring to them a guide that they can enhance their opportunities and gain access to the technology in their hand. 

The iPhone is a great accessible tool and Michael Feir wants to let people know just what they have in their iPhone.

Michael has been a backer of a new accessible game from Out of Sight Games called, “A hero’s Call.” Michael talks a bit about the recently released game and how it is a game changer for those interested in accessible games and how gaming can be a tool for gaining necessary skills. He also brings to attention an app that he uses for writing and working on his books. Ulysses is available in the App Store.

You can find out more about Michael Feir on Twitter @MFeir

And contact Michael by email.