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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Sep 16, 2018

Meet John Greedy Guide dog Trainer in the UK, and his Canine Friend, CC

As Jeff Thompson continues to enjoy some R&R in the United Kingdom, he can’t stay away from his Shure MV88 and a great guest to interview! This time Jeff caught up with John Greedy.

John is a guide dog trainer working with Guide dogs for the Blind, UK, where he has trained and helped placed guides with their blind and visually impaired partners for 21 years. Jeff met John at the beautiful and blind-friendly Cliffden Hotel, in sunny Teignmouth, England, where John conducts much of his training. Teignmouth offers unique conditions for guide dog training as tourists provide many challenges to aid in the dog’s development. John shares his views on training dogs and matching them with the right partners, and we meet Cc, a well-behaved 19-month old who is almost ready to meet her new partner.  

Be sure to set aside a few short minutes to hear John and his clear love for what he does, in this 7-minute interview with Jeff.

You can find out more about Guide Dogs UK on the web, at: www.Guidedogs.Org.UK

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