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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Oct 30, 2017

In this SSB Success Story Leah Martinson talks about how she navigated the transition from high school to college and to the workplace. How the services at SSB assisted her decision making and helped support her goal of owning her own business as an Integrative Health Coach.

Leah graduated high school and became a Massage Therapist and realized that she wanted more, and she pursued her college career at the University of Minnesota and became a Certified Health Coach and now provides services to students within the very same program. Leah also works with an organization and balances her time between work and home.

Becoming a mom has changed her life and Leah is always looking for that creative solution as her business she says is always going to be a work in progress.

Leah talks about how she coped with being a bit different from her peers in high school and how she now understands today what she did not understand back then.

Leah writes a blog called Blurry Mom which focuses on mom’s and children. A place to go for answers and a bit of some good writing.

Join Leah Martinson as she talks about her transition years and how she is making it happen today. 

Here are a couple of apps Leah suggested:

Seeing IA and BeMyEyes.

Both apps help one gain access to what they can not see. Check them out on the App Store.


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